Hey Liquid Soul fans, join the Liquid Soul Street Team!
We want the most enthusiastic fans to help us spread the Liquid Soul vibe.

The ideal street team candidate must have good knowledge of his/her local music scene...

• record stores
• clubs
• venues
• local bands
• press

as well as knowledge of high traffic shopping areas and hangouts...

• clothing stores
• cafes
• bookstores
• skate shops
The ideal candidate
must have
good knowledge
of online
music resources...
• music retail sites
• artist fan sites
• music press sites
• fanzines
• DJ sites
• cybercast sites
• general music info sites
• online chat
• BBS hangouts
as well as
knowledge of
lifestyle sites...
• clothing sites
• cybercafe sites
• cool sports sites

These positions do not pay, but we will get you in to the Liquid Soul shows when we come through your neighborhood. Here's how it works: When we're planning a visit to your area, we send you posters to put up around town, and we ask that you spread the word in any way you can. We reward you for help by putting you on the guest list for our shows. In some cases, when Street Teamers have clearly done a good job, we have been known to give them breaks on CDs or other Liquid Soul merchandise.


To join, just drop us an e-mail with the following info
(in this order so we can easily cut-and-paste it into our database):

CITY or cities you can help out in
Your E-MAIL address

That's all there is to it!

Any takers? E-mail LiquidSoulZone@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance for your interest! We appreciate all of our fans' continued support!